Coloring Pages

Here are free, open source PDF's of coloring pages you may see featured in my YouTube videos and Instagram or Facebook posts!

I would love to see what you come up with! Please tag your colored pieces with #meheenrubyart or #meheenrubycoloring so that I can see & share your wonderful work! You can also email me or post to my Facebook page. (click that f on the sidebar)

I highly recommend printing on cardstock paper if available; it is very inexpensive (less than $5 for a ream) but gives a better surface to color on than regular inkjet printer paper. You can even do some light watercolor on cardstock paper. If you are especially ambitious, and you know your printer can handle it, experiment with different types of paper! Maybe even colored paper!

Earth Day 2017

For Earth Day at Robina's Organics I produced this coloring page. We had a great time coloring with the kids & in collaboration with the event Urban Arts Collaborative set up. I included plants and animals we find on our farm. I hope you enjoy!

Western Snowy Plover

The Western Snowy Plover is a beautiful endangered shorebird that can be found along California's central coast. I have seem them at my local beach! They stand about 6 inches tall and make their nests in the sand away from the water. It is extremely important to avoid their nests as their population is dwindling.

Otter Welcome to 2017

Sea Otters are one of the best parts of living near the ocean. I love the way they float and find it so amazing that they use rocks as tools to help them hunt! Here we have two otters with their catch for the new year. Crabs, rocks, and an urchin are lined up to be feasted on for the Happy otter, and an urchin, two sea stars, and a crab are on the menu for the 2017 otter!