studio practice

 I think of my relationship to making things as a practice. For me it combines the spiritual, emotional, and technical. I consider myself a social artist. I enjoy company in my studio. There is a prevailing social attitude that painters work in solitude and create only from their inner identity. I have always found the practice of art making to be inherently communal.

Now that I have a home studio in my garage, I enjoy having a relaxed space where I can sit in pajamas with my roommates as they do their laundry. In the past I had a work/display space in a public building just off Cannery Row — I found it difficult to create while simultaneously always being on display. I enjoy sharing works in progress, but the privacy of my home environment has been a huge boon to my art productivity.

My studio practice began, like many artists, as a young child. I began showing my art in online spaces at age 11. At age 13 I sold my first piece of art. At age 15 I exhibited in my first group show in a gallery. At age 17 I exhibited in the Monterey Museum of Art for the first time. I became the intern for Youth Arts Collective at 18. From 19-21 I studied at Humboldt State University. During my time there I participated in 3 group shows and 1 solo show, Send, the world’s first slackline themed art show.

I have exhibited in solo and group shows, including the Humboldt County Fair Juried Show, the Sand City Juried Show, the Seaside Art Association Open Studio Tour, the Arts Habitat Open Studio Tour, ArtWorks @ PG Third Fridays, Youth Arts Collective biannual shows, Wildfire Arts Street Festival, the Avery Gallery, the Sunset Center, Sotheby’s Carmel, Wave Street Studios, and Old Capitol Books.


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