Thanks for supporting my music & art!

Last Friday, during my Third Friday ArtWalk at my studio, I did something pretty scary. Well, to me. I recruited several talented friends to accompany me in a musical endeavor, providing live music for the event!

I have been singing all my life, did my share of high school choir, but never took myself more seriously until lately. I took the leap and enrolled in voice lessons at my community college at the start of this year and have made conscious efforts to increase my range and control. It has been really cathartic to have a creative release aside from visual art, and I finally was ready to share it with the world!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my talented musician friends, Gabe De Vera, Justin Huang, Eric Wobbles, and my lovely handsome boyfriend James Koenig for being my band for the evening. We got a lot of compliments and even tip money!

Also, a huge thanks to my friends & all the beautiful community members who came out to look at the art & listen in!

For everyone who missed it, my dear friend Lesley took this video of our last song of the night. Enjoy!