Autoimmune Disease - Diagnosis Journey & RubyFEST

Hello friends and followers.

I feel that it is time to share on my public art platform about more details of my current life.

The first thing that I want to say is that, literally every moment of a day I am physically able to work on art, I am streaming it on my for you to join in! So please follow me on twitch as MeheenRuby.

I’m actually typing this during a stream.

It’s a good way to boost my mood while “working” - I am on medical leave from all work at the moment and using art as a therapy tool to cope with my illness rather than a way to generate income since the first week of May.

In April I began to feel some serious health symptoms. The symptoms have progressed to the point where after early May I was physically unable to drive or complete my job tasks and many common household tasks.

As some of the physical symptoms have alleviated, specifically the pinched nerve injury, I still have serious symptoms from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Uterine fibroids and potential Endometriosis, and an Autoimmune myopathy, potentially myositis in some form.

Over the next several months I have many scheduled appointments including a consultation about proceeding with a diagnostic surgery.

I am optimistic and heartened by the love and support of my community.

Please clear your calendars for Friday, September 13th. I would like to share with you not just my work but the work of my support system of loving and talented artists, musicians, writers, scientists, and teachers.

I have received nothing but help from my community. Whatever ails me, I plan to adjust and heal as much as is reasonable. For now I have secure access to health care. However that may not always be the case if I am unable to do some serious fundraising. Shockingly my first needs fundraiser to cover housing costs and medical bill support became fully funded within 3 days and exceeded my expectations.

Please reach out to me if you would like to be involved in the first annual RubyFEST.

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