A Studio Transition - Welcome to my Garage!

Welcome to my garage!

garage studio graphic.jpg

I made the decision at the end of the year to leave my group studio space at ArtWorks PG and clean out my garage to work from home.

I was a little worried at first — I was losing my display space and a community of people who offered lovely feedback and company. However, I also left behind a steady flow of interruptions, the constant demand of the monthly open house, and the drama that can come from 20 artists in collaboration. “We’re artists, we’re emotional!” was a common theme.

Now that I do not have the constrains of displaying my work as it is being created, and creating in such a public space, I am finding that I am really getting a lot more work done!

It’s also nice to not have to drive 30 minutes to get to my studio space. I love being able to take a break, do some laundry, cook a meal, and having the ownership of the space to have guests and friends.

I love my city of Marina and strongly prefer it to Pacific Grove — an unpopular opinion on the Peninsula but I’m happy to defend it.

Do you prefer working in a studio outside the home or inside the home? Let me know!