A wildflower tour of Fort Ord

I was joined by my childhood & current best friend Lesley through our favorite hiking trails in Fort Ord! Wildflower picking was an extremely important part of our young days and we spent more time outside wandering, getting poison oak, climbing trees, and getting our feet poked by burrs than we did doing just about anything else.

We switched off about 1/2 and 1/2 with the camera in an attempt to photograph every distinct type of wildflower we came across. I hope you enjoy the photos we took together! These sure make me feel nice and calm.

I have been taking digital photographs for most of my life, and this is my first year with a DSLR. I have a Canon EOS Rebel. A few years old, but I don't need it to be too fancy for my camera to serve me well. Though I am still learning how to utilize all the settings properly. Maybe the next time I go out to take photos in bright daylight I won't have to go back and correct their overexposure in Lightroom? A girl can dream.

My photographer friends, please leave a comment with your current favorite camera and what you like to take photos of! I would love to know!